Vladimir Mayor’s Office Decorates the City With 700 Flags and 100 Posters for Victory Day

Victory symbols will be placed on literally everything they can

More than 700 decorative panels dedicated to the Victory Day celebration will appear in Vladimir by April 30, according to the municipal department of advertising. More than 100 advertising banners will appear in the city, 86 bus stop pavilions will be decorated with thematic symbols.

Vladimir citizens will see the design of bus stops on the themes “Pioneers – the heroes”, “Doctors, who worked in hospitals during the Great Patriotic War” and “War Poems”. At the same time the mayor’s office continues to implement the project “Vladimir is us. On 21 stopping pavilions will place the information about Vladimir’s people who have achieved success in the profession. Such coverage of advertising space became possible due to a sharp decrease in demand from the business.

Many streets of the regional center are already decorated in colors of the red Banner of Victory. There are also blue colors in the design, symbolizing a clear and peaceful sky.

In addition to posters, bus stops and advertising banners, city authorities will install decorative consoles and art objects. Almost all main streets will have flags:

“Colorful flags will be hung out on Lenin, Suzdal, Stroiteley avenues; Mir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya, Verhnyaya Dubrova streets; Victory, Theater, Sadovaya, Sobornaya, Frunze, Lazarev, Lenin squares; Knyaz – Vladimir cemetery.”

The residents of Vladimir will also be able to see the festive videos on billboards, outdoor video screens, as well as on monitors in public transport.

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