An Extra Floor Will be Removed From a New Building in Vladimir

Shareholders are counting the days until the commissioning of the new building

In the Kommunar neighborhood of Vladimir, the dismantling of “unnecessary” structures of the new building is in full swing. The eighth to ninth floors are being dismantled at the two entrances to the house on Tsentralnaya, 19. Shareholders are vigilantly watching the progress of work. 125 families have been waiting for the keys to their apartments for more than two years.

The idea of tearing down “extra” floors is becoming a reality. A few months ago, no one believed that it was possible to dismantle everything that was so brazenly built contrary to the permits during 2017 – 2018. So a nine-story building grew up on Central Street next door to other new seven-story buildings. It has 125 residential units. All are registered under equity participation agreements. However, the house has not received documents for commissioning.

“They have already dismantled the roof and many floor slabs. We made waterproofing on the floor of the former ninth floor. After demolition, the documents for commissioning the house will be issued, then all in the courts will be drawn up. In general, it will take another two or three months,” say the tenants of the house with extra floors in Communar.

The problematic house on Centralnaya Street, 19 is a part of the residential complex with a view of the Klyazma floodplain and the Assumption Cathedral. The entire area is fenced with automatic gates and a gate with a magnetic key. To get into the territory of a stranger is problematic. But the shareholders manage to watch the demolition from inside and outside.

“The prosecutor’s office is now very immersed in the subject of the shareholders. Everything is under control. Now there is a decision to cancel the decree of July 11, 2012 № 756, which allows local overruns up to 24 meters. It is no longer possible to build higher than 15 meters in Communar. The restrictions do not apply to those construction permits that were issued before the repeal of the decree. So on this side, we are fine, but our neighbors from another apartment complex are hit,” – said shareholders from the Central, 19.

To date, the federal register of problematic objects includes four houses from the Vladimir region. All of them are located in Vladimir. The house on Central is one of them. The deadline for resolving the issue of this facility is December 2022.

Since the fall of 2019, the shareholders have been picketing and engaging the media to create a broad public outcry. They have heard many statements from the authorities. The ex-governor even promised to come to the housewarming party in July-August 2021. Now the families are no longer thinking about housewarming, they just want to quickly make repairs to their apartments and move out of the rental housing. Many have been paying mortgage for three to four years, waiting to move in.

All the shareholders are victims of criminal proceedings against the developer Sergey Rusakov. He is facing up to five years of imprisonment. The case is being considered in the Oktyabrsky District Court. The next hearing is scheduled for July 21. The regional administration has repeatedly stressed that the faster the developer will demolish extra floors and bring the house in the condition which was specified in the permits, the more chances he has of avoiding a real term.

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