In Vladimir, the court rejected for the fourth time Navalny’s appeals against the ban on taking electronics to lawyers

Defenders of the oppositionist were forbidden to do so in Pokrov and in Vladimir

The Vladimir Regional Court upheld the decision of colleagues from the Petushinsky district and dismissed Alexei Navalny’s lawsuit against the Pokrovsk prison-2. The opposition activist demanded to recognize the actions of prison staff who had prohibited his lawyers to bring laptop computers, dictaphones, flash drives and smartphones into the penal facility as illegal.

On June 28, regional judges approved the decision of the Petushinsky court, made back in late March.

“The surrender of these persons for temporary storage of mobile communications and communication equipment after clarification of the procedure for passing through the entrance corridor into the penal colony was a necessary measure to maintain order in the secure facility,” reports a joint press service of the regional courts.

Earlier, the opposition activist had challenged a similar denial of access to his lawyers in Vladimir prison No. 3 where Navalny was kept on hunger strike. In that case the convict argued that his lawyers were not allowed to bring smartphones and laptops into the colony, and this prevented him from exercising his rights to qualified legal assistance. But the Oktyabrsky District Court found that the lawyers surrendered the gadgets voluntarily. The defenders themselves during the trial tried to prove the absurdity of the “voluntary nature” of the refusal of technology during visits with the client.

Navalny was participating in today’s hearing via video link from penal colony #6 in the Kovrov region where, according to TASS, he has been moved to until June 15. The high-security colony in Melekhovo houses first-time inmates who have committed grave and especially grave crimes.

To recap, the opposition activist recently failed to challenge in the Vladimir Regional Court the decision to place him in the Pokrovsk-2 prison as prone to extremism. In January 2022, Rosfinmonitoring added Navalny to the register of terrorists and extremists.

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