25 Tons of Building Materials Were Sent to Donbass From the Vladimir Region

On April 29, the car, which will be part of the "Help Train," left for Moscow

On April 29, a wagon that will be part of the “Aid Train” will depart from the Vladimir Region. There are 25 tons of humanitarian cargo destined for the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. This time it’s not about clothes and food, but construction materials, which will be used to rebuild destroyed houses and social and infrastructure facilities.

More than 20 tons of products from the Kovrov Silicate Brick Plant and five tons of edged floorboards from individual entrepreneur Alexander Malov from Selivanovsky district were loaded into the wagon.

“It is gratifying that not only residents of our region, but also representatives of business are involved in this good deed. The wagon contains products from the Kovrov Silicate Brick Plant and edged floorboards from Alexander Malov, an entrepreneur from the Selivanovsky district. Thank you!” – says in the telegram channel of the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev.

This action was initiated by the “All-Russian People’s Front” and the company “Russian Railways”. The humanitarian train is made up of cars from each region of Russia, which are individually assembled in Moscow. The train will then travel to the Rostov Region for further distribution to the affected territories.

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