In the Vladimir Region, the “First-Grader’s Kit” Is Almost Equal to the Average Monthly Income of Citizens

Girls are more difficult to pack for school than boys

The Federal State Statistics Service calculated how much it costs to pack a child for school by September 1, 2022. According to experts, a basic “first-grader kit” with clothes, shoes, school and stationery will cost parents 22.3 thousand rubles if a boy goes to school, and 26.8 thousand rubles if a girl.

For the year, according to the department, inflation of basic school kits for boys was 14%, girls – 11.2%, the overall inflation in the country – 15.1%.

“School supplies are becoming more expensive than the rate of inflation,” state agency experts conclude. Rosstat includes 17 items for boys and 22 for girls:

“For boys: two pairs of pants and three shirts, for girls – three blouses, two dresses and two skirts. For sports – a tracksuit. In addition, the “first grader’s kit” includes two T-shirts, five pairs of socks or golf, three pairs of tights and one pair of shoes of different types. Also included are seven types of school and stationery, including five textbooks and four notebooks, five pencils and five pens, one set of felt-tip pens, and one sketchbook.

If parents want to buy their child a smartphone for school, it’s worth keeping in mind that this device has increased in price by an average of 21% over the year. Shirts were up 16% and pants were up 13%. Girls’ clothing did not rise in price as fast: skirts rose by 7.7% and blouses by 8.9%.

Rosstat does not include a bouquet of flowers in the first-grade kit, which can range from 800 to 2,000 rubles, depending on the region and parents’ price preferences. Flowers are an almost unavoidable expenditure by September 1, although there is an alternative.

Taking all expenses into account, school fees can turn out to be a sum almost equal to the average per capita income for parents in the Vladimir region. According to Vladimirstat, in the first quarter of 2022, the average per capita income in the region was 27.1 thousand rubles. Over the year, they decreased by 2.7% in real terms.

This means that for at least half of the residents of the Vladimir region, collecting a child for school will be a significant expense and a major financial event requiring savings of several months. By comparison, in Moscow the cost of a school kit is one-third of the average per capita income.

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