The Vladimir Diocese Asks the Federal Property Management Agency to Give It the Assumption Cathedral

Now the object is jointly administered by the diocese and the museum

The Vladimir Eparchy sent documents to the Federal Property Management Agency (Rosimushestvo) to transfer the ownership of the Cathedral of the Assumption in Vladimir. Information about this was confirmed in the press service of the organization.

“So far, nothing is unknown. Filed documents. This is the property of the Church. And there is a law on restitution, under which the state returns church property. The deadline is six years from filing,” – told the press service.

Earlier, at a February press conference, Metropolitan Tikhon stated his concern about the state of the Cathedral. The Orthodox Church received the cathedral’s bell tower under a restitution, ordered a plan of illumination with sponsorship money and began to look for money for a reconstruction plan for the site. The church’s attention was also drawn to the condition of the twelfth-century main building of the cathedral.

“The cathedral needs a good restoration. Both from the domes and from the spire, as you can see, the gilding is peeling off. Everything is rusty. This does not adorn us as residents of Vladimir. I promise that I will take all measures to ensure that such work begins. At least in those places, about which we have agreed with the state inspection on protection of monuments”, – said Tikhon.

Metropolitan Tikhon also spoke about his negotiations with the general director of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, Sergey Rybakov. According to the Bishop, while the cathedral is in joint management, both organizations should also seek its restoration.

“While in correspondence we were talking about putting in order the Assumption Cathedral. Since half of it is theirs and half of it is ours… it will not be possible here for one of us to demand from someone else. There is only one object, and we have to work together to restore it. It’s closer to the Ministry of Culture, so we can have some local reserves, and the Ministry of Culture can bring [the cathedral] to order.I have already written a letter to our Alexander Avdeev. I also asked him to pay attention to the Assumption Cathedral. It is the main decoration of our city, our monument. It is important that it be put in order,” said Metropolitan Tikhon.

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