Hundreds of Kilometers of Forest Glades Are Cut in the Vladimir Region to Preserve Power Lines

Mass power outages will not be repeated

Active work is underway in the Vladimir region to replace wires and clear glades around power lines. This was announced by the head of the region, Alexander Avdeev. Everything is being done to get the region out of the blacklist in terms of the number of mass power outages.

This year Vladimir region was in second place by the number of accidents on power lines. In first place was Murmansk.

“Although there was as much snow in Tver, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod. But they were better prepared for winter. Therefore, back in February we agreed with the power grid organizations that the preparation for winter 2022 – 2023 will start in February. Now thousands of kilometers of wires are being changed, and hundreds of kilometers of cuttings are being cut and trees that are potentially dangerous in winter are being removed. I hope that under the joint control of the regional administration and heads of local administrations the winter preparation will be better than a year ago”, – says the Acting Governor Alexander Avdeev.

All districts have proposed their own programs of mandatory activities. Mostly, it was work on clearing glades and replacing wires. Up to 30% of applications from municipalities, where there were massive power outages, were satisfied. Alexander Avdeev assured that within 4 months, from June to September, all requests from municipalities will be fulfilled. The head of the region was convinced in this by the power engineers.

There were mass and prolonged blackouts in many villages and districts, as well as towns of the region in January and February of this year. Regional administration officials and deputies of the Regional Legislative Assembly held meetings with power engineers to understand the causes of such failures.

The grid companies blamed trees that had fallen on power lines because of snow buildup, and the lines were blown down. They insisted that it was necessary to increase the protective zone around power lines, cutting down trees as much as possible. But such ideas were not supported by either officials or deputies. At yesterday’s press conference Alexander Avdeev noted that some planned activities for winter preparation were not carried out at all, which is why there were so many accidents. Now all repair plans and investment programs in the field of electric power are adjusted. The head of the region will control the progress of work. There will be a mass acceptance ceremony in September.

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