Vladimir Region Fails to Meet COVID-19 Testing Plan

Rospotrebnadzor insists on home visits by doctors

The Department of Rospotrebnadzor encourages residents of Vladimir region to get tested for coronavirus. It is important to separate it from acute respiratory viral infections. Specialists insist that tests should be carried out at home, not in the clinic. Test kits have arrived in the region, but the week’s supply has not been used up.

The importance of COVID-19 testing was discussed at an epidemic briefing on August 31. Because of the increase in illnesses, the briefings will again be held on a weekly basis.

“Many people who get sick blame air conditioning, swimming in cool water in the lake. They think they just have a cold, and they don’t do covid tests. This is wrong. It is important that people get tested at the slightest sign of illness. We strongly believe that people with signs of SARS and suspected covid should not have to go to the clinic for tests. If we do not identify in time, the spread will continue”, – says a representative of the regional department of Rospotrebnadzor Yulia Karkavanidi.

At the same time some district therapists in Vladimir ask patients with fever and signs of acute respiratory viral infections to come to outpatient clinics to be swabbed for coronavirus.

With the beginning of the school year an epidemic of acute respiratory viral infections is expected. Rospotrebnadzor believes that there will be an overlap of the two diseases. It is important to do differentiation, so that a doctor could prescribe the right treatment and perform additional examinations.

Red zones have been created in all medical institutions, the distribution of patient flows into sick and healthy has been reintroduced. But Rospotrebnadzor still insists on doctors coming to homes to reduce the risks of spreading the disease.

“The Vladimir region has been allocated 155,000 tests. But in a week the region did not meet the plan for testing coverage, taking into account the activity of the epidemic. It is necessary to do at least 300 tests per 100 thousand people. And for the 34th week the figure is 106,4”, – specified Yulia Karkavanidi.

During the week the increase of incidence was 71,6%. Within a day, 294 new cases were recorded. More than half of the ill people are over 50 years old, 15.6% are children.
Earlier, the head of the region Alexander Avdeev also spoke about the importance of testing. According to the Acting Governor, only testing allows to objectively assess the situation and make forecasts to prepare the health system for new outbreaks of disease.

“The region has seven laboratories that conduct up to 1,500 tests a day. All hospitalized patients are tested on a mandatory basis. We try to make sure that doctors go to patients with suspected covid,” explained Svetlana Grigoryan, head of the department for organizing medical care at the regional health department.

Patients who have had covid in the last two weeks say that the reception desk advises everyone to go to their appointments on their own. They say that the occupancy of the therapists is high, and the course of the disease in most is not as alarming as it used to be. People complain about a slight fever, runny nose and cough.

Today in the Vladimir region there are 329 covid-beds for adults and 71 for children. The occupancy rate is 56%. Mostly people over 65 years of age are in hospitals in moderate and severe condition. Most are diagnosed with chronic and concomitant diseases.

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